"The dual identity of the individual, dreams and myth are the recurring themes of my work.

Parallel, alternate, overlapping realities, “mise en abyme”, the other side of Alice's looking glass' are constant landscapes. What do we see when we look in the mirror and what peers back at us?"

Alex Forge directs Music videos, shortfilms and fashion films,  and works as a cameraman, editor and photographer for feature films and documentaries.

He worked as a Vfx artist  for Wim Wender's awarded movie  "The salt of the Earth"  and as an editor and art director for Johann Johannsson's  latest film "Last and First man".  

At the moment, he is preparing a documentary about Phoebe Killdeer (Nouvelle Vague, The Avener) and Craig Walker (Archive) from "Them there",  the duo behind the hit "Fade out Lines"

He is since 2018  co-supervising the Experimental Film Virginia  festival, where participants produce 14 shortfilms in 2 weeks. 

In 2016, he co-created in Berlin the GhostRaum, a collective at the intersection of art, technology and storytelling.

TEL: 0049 178 5219 791 
EMAIL:  alexforge@rocketmail.com